With our Check Conversion and Guarantee service - ECA, you can accept checks just like debit cards.  Checks are converted into electronic deposits so the payments automatically credit into your existing checking account.

And with the built in warranty service, we guarantee payment on every check you authorize.   With ECA Warranty, you won’t have to worry if a check is good or potentially  lose a sale.


Need a state-of-the-art, multi-application credit card terminal or mobile reader? We have a variety of free placement equipment and software solutions that are guaranteed to work with your business.

Credit Card Processing Solutions

We can provide you with a seamless credit card processing system that will allow you to take payments quickly, securely and efficiently. Some of our services even give you the ability to accept payments off site, making things even more convenient for your customers. Our promise is to be fully transparent with all fees and keep processing charges to a minimum.

Internet Processing

Perform the same functions as a physical credit card terminal through our secure, web-based terminal options. You can use a Virtual Terminal to log into a website and run transactions, or an E-Commerce solution to connect your website directly to a variety of online shopping carts.

Gift Card Acceptance

Turn your terminal into a money-making machine by offering Gift Card programs to your customers. Gift Cards keep customers coming back and they often spend more than what’s on the card. Plus Gift Cards help simplify managing store credits and can help combat fraud by keeping your cash in your store.

Groovv Offers

Groovv Offers helps you make more money. It increases repeat sales, improves customer loyalty and helps attract new customers by making it easy for you to create, send and track promotional offers.

With just a little energy, it’s so easy to begin making extra dollars every month from repeat customer sales.